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National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center leading to implement the special polar project - Ocean Meteorological Investigation around the Antarctica

With being sponsored by a program of National Natural Science Foundation and the national 12th five-year special polar project – “polar environment comprehensive survey”, research expedition members from National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center started recently the 2012 atmosphere - sea ice - sea overwintering joint observation in Zhongshang Station Antarctica. Based on the continual observation on the 2010 and 2011 overwintering sea ice surface radiation, the further updating and perfection was carried out to the overwintering observation system this year. First, the fixed type automatic observation system for sea ice surface radiation was updated. The sensors for ice snow thickness, snow (ice) surface temperature and surface ambient temperature were added in the observation support frame; secondly, 2 sets of automatic observation systems for sea ice thickness based on the capacitance principle were equipped, which were developed by Taiyuan University of Technology and through which the long term continually automatic observation to sea ice thickness may be realized. At the same time, the sea ice observation time will be ahead to March before polar nights this year from July and August after polar nights last year to obtain the sea ice elements sequences with longer time.