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National Maritime Forecast Station officially issued maritime forecasting to global important coastal tourism cities.

Along with constantly strengthening China's comprehensive national power, China's foreign shipping trade has extended all over the world and more and more Chinese citizens travel, study or work or settle in foreign countries and a great increasing trend has been shown. In recent years, international major marine disasters occurred frequently, such as 2010 Chile large earthquake tsunami disaster and March 11 Japan earthquake tsunami disaster in 2011, China's ocean steamships suffered losses in different degrees in Chile and Japan ports. In addition, the tsunami disasters may give rise to serious threats to life safety of the tourism people in foreign countries. At present, National Maritime Forecast Station issues mainly the marine environmental forecast of China's key coastal cities, coastal resort forecast, sea beach forecast, and tourist line marine environmental forecast and so on to the social public through social channels such as CCTV and the Travel Channel; the forecast scope is mainly limited to China coastal regions. In the current situations, it is necessary for China to extend the marine forecast scope from China offshore to global importance coastal cities.