Marine Disaster Forecasting and Warning Division:

Marine forecasting ,warming and analysis products for
China Seas Forecasting theory and applications Impact
assessment of marine disaster

Marine Environmental Forecasting Division:

Physical and ecological marine environmental forecasting
and analysis products for coastal and adjacent areas of
China Seas (conventional and emergency ) Marine
environmental impact assessment

Marine Weather Forecast Division:

Conventional marine weather forecast services(China seas
and global ocean) Special meteorological Support work

Polar Environmental Research and Forecasting

Technical support for Chinese Arctic and Antarctic

Ocean Climate Prediction Division:

Observations on Seawater’s CO2 and atmospheric
boundary layer Research on Air-sea interaction and
oceanic role in climate change Assimilation and reanalysis products for Long-term ocean data

Numerical Forecasting and Research Division:

Introduction and development of atmospheric and oceanic
numerical models atmospheric and oceanic operational
numerical forecasting system atmospheric and oceanic
numerical forecasting products

Network and Computer Division:

high-performance computing and network support

Information System Division:

scientific literature support forecast for ocean observing
strategy and planning

Public Product Service Division:

marine forecasting programs production and issuing
(video and audio through various media)

Key Laboratory of Research on Marine Hazards

technology improvement of marine hazards forecasting
and emergency response comprehensive system
establishment for marine hazards assessment, prevention, management and decision support